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Quilt Auction 2019 
Quilt Auction 2019
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to the Lansing Area Patchers
Auction 2019!

The Lansing Area Patchers (LAP) Quilt Guild is proud to announce their Quilt Auction for 2019.  The auction is being held to provide funding for the Guild's many projects and activities.  The quilts you see listed are all made and donated by Guild members.  We think they have all done a great job and are providing you with a wonderful opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind heirloom.  

If you wish to bid on one or more of the quilts, you must first create a Bidder account.  Start the process by clicking on  Create Account (upper right side of the heading).  You'll be asked to:
  • Set up a User Code and Password.
  • Enter your Name and email and decide if you want to receive updates/notices by email as the auction progresses.
  • Register a credit card...(you must have a valid credit card on file to place a bid) and your Billing Address.
  • Select whether you wish to have your quilt shipped to you or that you will pick it up (see below).  If the quilt will be shipped to you, you must supply a shipping address or indicate that your billing address is to be used.
  • NOTE: it's best to record your usercode and password at this point. You'll need it each time you wish to enter/update your bid(s) on the LAP auction site.
  • Click the Submit button at the bottom.

Now sign in with your user code and password.  That's it...you're ready to start bidding.  ( Note: you will receive a verification of your registration in 10-30 minutes.  It's just a reminder...it's NOT needed to start your bidding ). 

Bidding is VERY EASY.  After you're signed in, click the Place a Bid button (found on either the Main display or the Details display) and place your bid.  (Note: each quilt has a begin and end date/time during which you may place a bid.  If the Place a Bid button is not present, the quilt you're looking at is not presently available for bidding.)  After that, any time a competing bid is entered you will be notified (IF YOU CHOOSE TO BE) by email.  In addition, you can enter a maximum limit (we call it an AutoMax limit...details below) telling the system that you wish to have bids automatically placed on your behalf every time a competing bid is placed, UP TO your limit, i.e., the maximum amount your wish to bid on a given quilt.

When the bidding on a quilt is closed and the winning bid is awarded, you will be notified of the result.


Shipping You Quilt

  • Indicate that you wish to have your quilt shipped on your Account page.
  • The cost of shipping is shown on each quilt.  Multiple quilts have separate charges.
  • Quilts will be shipped on Friday, November 15, 2019.


Quilt Pick Up

  • There is no charge if you pick up your quilt(s).
  • Pick up date/time is November 14, 2019 from 6pm to 8pm.
  • Pick up location is Delta Presbyterian Church, 6100 W. Michigan Ave, Lansing, Michigan 48917.  

Enjoy the LAP Auction of 2019!


Note: Once a bid has been placed it may not be revoked. You may, however, remove your AutoMax limit (if it is still in effect). In addition, once you have placed a bid, your credit card information CAN NOT be removed.  

Credit Cards 
All credit cards are stored fully encrypted.  They are ONLY made available to the person(s) from LAP responsible for finalizing the purchases.  If YOUR HAVE NOT PLACED ANY BIDS and you decide you are no longer going to be a bidder, you may delete your account (it's at the bottom of the update window).  At the end of the auction all credit card numbers will be deleted!  


Automatic Maximum (AutoMax) Limit: 
The Automatic Maximum (AutoMax) limit process places bids (on your behalf) for $3 above all competing bids UP TO YOUR LIMIT. For example, if your current bid for a quilt is $150 with an AutoMax limit of $200 and someone else places a bid of $155, the AutoMax process will enter a counter bid of $158 on your behalf. Competing bids would have to be $200 (or higher) to not be outbid by your AutoMax bid.

You enter your AutoMax limit at the same time you enter your bid. The amount you enter for an AutoMax limit is usually the highest amount you`re willing to pay for the associated quilt. By using AutoMax (and assuming you win the bid) you will either pay the amount originally bid or the highest AutoMax counter bid placed on your behalf UP TO your AutoMax limit. For example, if you place a $150 bid for a quilt with an AutoMax limit of $200, the maximum you would pay (assuming you're the winning bidder) is $200. However, if there are no other bids above $150, that is the amount you pay.



  • You may remove your AutoMax limit by setting it to zero (go into the bid process, reenter your current/higher bid amount and enter $0 for the AutoMax limit). 
  • You may also update (increase/decrease) your Automax limit (if your are the current high bidder) the same way just described. 
  • Once your AutoMax limit is exhausted, there is no means/reason to remove it.