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Important Library Information

Our library is a great resource and we have a considerable financial investment in our books. Over the past couple of years we’ve lost library books as members check them out and don’t return them. These books are part of our guild resources and we need to deal with them responsibly. The board has set up the following method to deal with overdue and/or missing books.

    1. Books are checked out for one month. Books can be renewed.
    2. For overdue books the fines are:
        $1.00 per book for one month past due.
        $3.00 per book for two months past due.
        $5.00 per book for three months past due.
        After four months the member must pay the full replacement price of the book.

        If the member cannot attend the guild meeting, they must notify the librarian before the meeting or the day
        after the meeting to avoid a fine.

The librarian will attempt to send out reminder emails to members before the meeting regarding the books that have been checked out.

Library Procedures

Check Out:
    - Select a book
    - Fill out the card in the book
    - Give the card to the librarian OR if the brown file box is on the book table, you may file the card alphabetically by title

Check In:
    - Give the book to the librarian OR if the brown file box is on the book table, you may pull the card from the box, replace
      the card in the book and leave the book on the table.
    - If you owe past due fines, PAY THE LIBRARIAN

Renew/Extend A Book You Already Have Checked Out
    - Contact the Librarian by phone or via email no later than one day after the meeting when your book is due.

Library Book List
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10-Minute Blocks (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2010) (141)Suzanne McNeill
101 Fabulous Small Quilts (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2013) (98)That Patchwork Place
15 Minutes of Play Improvisational Quilts (Pur. 2014) (Pub. 2012) (60)Victoria Findlay Wolfe
5-10-15+Fat Quarters (Pur. 2013) (Pub. 2010) (99)House of White Birches
90-Minute Quilts (Pub. 2006) (D. 2010) (135)Meryl Ann Butler
A-Z of Silk Ribbon Flowers (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2009) (175)Ann Cox
Aloha Quilt, The (Book 16 of the Elm Creek Quilts)(Pur. 2010) (Pub. 2010) (66)Jennifer Chiaverini
Amish Patterns for Machine Quilting (Pub. 1997) (D. 2009) (83)Sue Holly and Sue Nickels
Angle Play Blocks (Pur. 2005) (Pub. 2005) (82)Margaret J. Miller
Apart at the Seams (Book 6 of the Cobbled Court Quilts) (Pub. 2014) (2014) (38)Marie Bostwick
Applique Mastery (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2014) (29)Philippa Naylor
Appliquilt in the Cabin (Pub. 2002) (D. 2009) (76)Tonee White
Arkansas Traveler (Book 8 of the Benni Harper Series) (Pub. 2002) (D. 2004) (80)Earlene Fowler
Art + Quilt Design Principles and Creativity Exercises (Pub. 2009) (D. 2014) (151)Lyric Kinard
Art of Landscape Quilting, The (Pur. 2010) (Pub. 2007) (22)Nancy Zieman and Natalie Sewell
Art Quilts-Fusible Collage Workshop (Pur. 2013) (Pub. 2011) (150)Laura Wasilowski
Bargello Quilts with a Twist (Pur. 2013) (Pub. 2008) (145)Maggie Ball
Basement Quilt, The (Book 1 of the Colebridge Community) (Pub. 2012) (2013) (45)Ann Hazelwood
Beautiful Borders Backings Bindings (Pub. 2005) (D. 2009) (70)Jill Reber and Margaret Sindelar
Between Heaven and Texas (Prequel to Cobbled Court Quilts) (Pub. 2013) (2014) (65)Marie Bostwick
Big Book of Scrappy Quilts Crib-Size to King-Size (The)(Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2015) (30)That Patchwork Place
Big Color Wheel Combinations Handbook, The (Pur. 2013) (Pub. 2012) (148)Beatrice Hughes
Bits and Pieces 18 Small Quilts from Fat Quarters and Scraps (Pub. 2007) (D. 2015) (102)Karen Costello Soltys
Bold and Beautiful Artful Quilts from Just One Fabric (Pub. 2009) (D. 2013) (140)Judi Dains
Butter in the Well (Pub. 1997) (D. 2002) (35)Linda K. Hubalek
Cats in Quilts 14 Purrfect Projects (Pub. 2002) (D. 2009) (74)Carol Armstrong
Christmas Wedding Quilt, The (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2013) (157)Emilie Richards
Circle Play Simple Designs for Fabulous Fabrics (Pub. 2004) (2010) (67)Reynola Pakusich
Civil War Legacies (Pur. 2013) (Pub. 2012) (59)Carol Hopkins
Civil War Sampler (Pur. 2013) (Pub. 2012) (14)Barbara Brackman
Color and Cloth (Pub. 1989) (2010) (48)Mary Coyne Penders
Color Your Cloth A Quilter's Guide to Dyeing and Patterning Fabric (Pur. 2010) (Pub. 2009) (23)Malka Dubrawsky
Come Listen to My Quilts (Pur. 2009) (Pub. 2002) (24)Kristina Becker
Convergence Quilts Mysterious, Magical, Easy and Fun(Pub. 2003) (D. 2008) (47)Ricky Tims'
Cool Girls Quilt (Pub. 2007) (D. 2011) (75)Linda Lum DeBono
Crazy Eights Fun with 8 Pointed Stars (Pub. 2005) (2005) (73)Mary Sue Suit
Crazy for Lemoyne (Pur. 2013) (Pub. 2010) (168)Beatrice Hughes
Crazy Shortcut Quilts (Pub. 2007) (D. 2013) (57)Marguerita McManus & Sarah Raffuse
Creating Scrapbook Quilts (Pub. 1993) (D. 2012) (21)Ami Simms
Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space Sewing-Room Makeovers (Pub. 2005) (D. 2009) (86)Lois L. Hallock
Creative Combinations Stunning Blocks & Borders from a Single Unit (Pur. 2014) (Pub. 2013) (96)Carol Doak's
Cross-Country Quilters, The (Book 3 of the Elm Creek Quilts) (Pub. 2002) (D. 2010) (40)Jennifer Chiaverini
Easy Japanese Quilt Style (Pur. 2010) (Pub. 2009) (92)Julia Davis & Anne Muxworthy
Endless Chain (Book 2 of the Shenandoah Album) (Pub. 2005) (D. 2009) (170)Emilie Richards
Fabled Flowers (Pub. 1996) (D. 2010) (77)Kumiko Sudo
Fabric Embellishing The Basics & Beyond (Pur. 2014) (Pub. 2009) (146)Ruth Chandler
Fabulous Feathers & Fillers (Pur. 2014) (Pub. 2013) (139)Sue Nickels
Fat Quarter Quilts (Pub. 1999) (D. 2003) (131)M'Liss Rae Hawley
Featherweight 221 The Perfect Portable and Its Stitches Across History (Pub. 1997) (D. 2007) (54)Nancy Johnson-Srebro
Five-Minute Quilt Blocks (Pur. 2005) (Pub. 2012) (105)Suzanne McNeill
Follow-the-Line Quilting Designs Volume Two (Pur. 2011) (Pub. 2006) (147)Mary M. Covey
Free-Motion Machine Quilting (Pur. 2011) (Pub. 2011) (101)Don Linn
Free-Motion Quilting Made Easy (Pub. 2009) (2011) (93)Eva A. Larkin
From the Cover (Pub. 2004) (D. 2010) (127) C&T Publishing
Funeral Parlor Quilt, The (Book 3 of the Colebridge Community) (Pub. 2013) (2014) (44)Ann Hazelwood
Ghostly Quilts On Main, The (Book 5 of the Colebridge Community) (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2014) (109)Ann Hazelwood
Goddess of the Last Minute Laughter and Lessons from an Uncommon Quilter (Pub. 2009) (46)Robbi Joy Eklow
Grandma's Best Full-Size Quilt Blocks (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2007) (174)Better Homes and Gardens
Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club (Pub. 2012) (2013) (34)Wanda E. Brunstettler
Hand Applique by Machine (Pub. 2002) (D. 2006) (136)Beth Ferrier
Hidden Block Quilts (Pub. 2002) (D. 2014) (16)Lerlene Nevaril
Impressionist Applique (Pur. 2014) (Pub. 2012) (1)Grace Errea and Meridith Osterfeld
Into The Garden (Pur. 2012) (Pub. 1995) (20)Cindy Zlotnik Oravecz
Intuitive Color & Design (2009) (18)Jean Wells
Irish Chain (Book 2 of the Benni Harper Mysteries) (Pub. 1995) (D. 2016) (177)Earlene Fowler
Irish Chain in a Day- Single & Double (Pub. 2013) (D. 2015) (97)Eleanor Burns
It's a Stitch (Pub. 2004) (D. 2015) (110)Karen Bolesta
Jane Austen Quilt Club, The (Book 4 of the Colebridge Community) (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2014) (154)Ann Hazelwood
Jane Austen Quilts Inspired by her Novels (Pur. 2014) (Pub. 2013) (129)Karen Gloeggler
Journey to Inspired Art Quilting (Pub. 2012) (2014) (94)Jean Wells
Just around the Corner Quilts with Easy Mitered Borders (Pur. 2011) (Pub. 2011) (19)Kari M. Carr
Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Road (Pub. 2005) (2007) (51) Kaffe Fassett's
Knot What It Seams (Pub. 2013) (D. 2015) (27)Elizabeth Craig
Lickety-Split Quilts Fast Projects from BIG Blocks (Pub. 2004) (D. 2009) (111)Laurie Bevan
Lickety-Split Quilts for Little Ones (Pur. 2008) (Pub. 2007) (12)Laurie Bevan
Log Cabin Fever (Pur. 2003) (Pub. 2002) (112)Evelyn Sloppy
Log Cabin Quilts with Attitude (Pub. 2006) (D. 2009) (103)Sharon V. Rotz
Looking Back (Book 4 of the Butter in the Well) (Pub. 1997) (D. 2002) (32)Linda K. Hubalek
Lost Quilter, The (Book 14 of the Elm Creek Quilts) (Pub. 2009) (D. 2010) (153)Jennifer Chiaverini
Lover's Knot (Book 3 of the Shenandoah Album) (Pub. 2006) (D. 2015) (79)Emilie Richards
Magic Quilts By the Slice (Pub. 2003) (D. 2008) (56)Bethany S. Reynolds
Magnificent Spiral Mandala Quilts (Pub. 2010) (2011) (85)RaNae Merrill
Mariner's Compass Quilts (Pub. 2005) (2010) (84)Judy Mathieson
Mason Dixon Knitting (Pub. 2006) (D. 2011) (53)Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne
Material Obsession 2 (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2010) (176)Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke
Men and the Art of Quiltmaking (Pur. 2010) (Pub. 2010) (61)Joe Cunningham
Miniature Baltimore Album Quilts (Pub. 1997) (D. 2011) (90)Jenifer Buechel
Modern Holiday (Pur. 2014) (Pub. 2014) (113)Amanda Murphy
More... Smart Piecing Techniques (Pur. 2008) (Pub. 2007) (160)Kaye England
Motifs for Crazy Quilting (Pub. 2002) (D. 2013) (149)J. Marsha Michler
Nickel Quilts Great Designs from 5-inch Scraps (Pur. 2002) (Pub. 2002) (13)Pat Speth and Charlene Thode
Nine Patch & Snowball Quilts (Pur. 2009) (Pub. 2005) (108)Elsie Campbell
No-Time On-My-Hands (Pub. 1986) (D. 2013) (43)Grace Snyder
Patchwork Comforters, Throws & Quilts (Pub. 2010) (D. 2015) (118) House of White Birches
Pennies from Heaven (Pur. 2011) (Pub. 2010) (106)Gretchen Gibbons
People and Their Quilts, A (Pub. 1984) (D. 2014) (137)John Rice Irwin
Pieced Borders The Complete Resource (Pub. 1994) (D. 2010) (68)Judy Martin & Marsha McCloskey
Pieced Hexies A New Tradition in English Paper Piecing (Pub. 2012) (2014) (52)Mickey Depre
Piecing with Pixels Unique Quilts from Your Own Images (Pub. 2009) (2010) (95)Sandra Hart & Gudney Campbell
Piping Hot Curves (Pub. 2007) (2008) (91)Susan K. Cleveland
Plates a Plenty (Video) (Pur. 2008) (Pub. 2006) (165)Kaye England
Playful Patchwork (Pub. 2007) (D. 2011) (138)Suzuko Koseki
Points of View Landscape Quilts to Stitch and Embellish (Pub. 2007) (D. 2013) (107)Valerie Hearder
Potting Shed Quilt, The (Pub. 2013) (D. 2014) (37)Ann Hazelwood
Prarieblomman: Prairie Blossoms (Book 2 of Butter in the Well) (Pub. 1998) (D. 2002) (36)Linda K. Hubalek
Pretty Little Mini Quilts (Pur. 2014) (Pub. 2010) (143) Lark Books
Qubed It's Hip to be Square (Video) (Pur. 2009) (Pub. 2008) (164)Kaye England
Quick and Easy Projects for the Weekend Quilter (Pub. 2002) (D. 2009) (115)Rosemary Wilkinson
Quilt Along with Emilie Richards Endless Chain (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2005) (122)Emilie Richards
Quilt Along with Emilie Richards Lover's Knot (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2006) (124)Emilie Richards
Quilt Along with Emilie Richards Sister's Choice (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2008) (123)Emilie Richards
Quilt Along with Emilie Richards Touching Stars (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2007) (125)Emilie Richards
Quilt Along with Emilie Richards Wedding Ring (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2005) (133)Emilie Richards
Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2014) (81)Jera Brandvig
Quilt Designs from Decorative Floor Tiles (Pub. 2004) (D. 2009) (63)Christine Porter
Quilt Inspirations from Africa (Pur. 2014) (Pub. 2000) (3)Kaye England & Mary Elizabeth Johnson
Quilt of Life, The A Patchwork of Devotional Thoughts (Pub. 2000) (D. 2010) (41)Mary Tatem
Quilt or Innocence (Pub. 2012) (D. 2015) (26)Elizabeth Craig
Quilt Savvy Simple Thread Painting (Pub. 2004) (D. 2009) (64)Nancy Prince
Quilt Show, The (Pur. 2014) (Pub. 2009) (161)Alex Anderson & Ricky Tim's
Quilt That Walked to Golden, The (Pur. 2008) (Pub. 2007) (D. 2015) (4)Sandra Dallas
Quilt The Beloved Country (Pub. 2008) (D. 2010) (71)Jenny Williamson and Pat Parker
Quiltagami The Art of Fabric Folding (Pub. 2001) (2010) (49)Mary Jo Hiney
Quilted Lilies (Book 6 of the Colebridge Community) (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2014) (155)Ann Hazelwood
Quilter's Apprentice, The (Pub. 1999) (D. 2010) (33)Jennifer Chiaverini
Quilter's Bounty (Pur. 2005) (Pub. 2004) (120)Robin Strobel
Quilter's Color Scheme Bible, The (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2006) (152)Celia Eddy
Quilter's Diary Written in Stitches, A (Pub. 2008) (D. 2015) (7)Mimi Dietrich
Quilter's Favorites Vol. 1 (Pub. 2009) (D. 2015) (121) C&T Publishing
Quilter's Legacy, The (Book 5 of the Elm Creek Quilts)(Pub. 2003) (D. 2010) (171)Jennifer Chiaverini
Quilting Designs from the Past (Pub. 2008) (2010) (87)Jenny Carr Kinney
Quilting Modern (Pur. 2014) (Pub. 2012) (2)Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen
Quilts of Illusion (Pub. 2008) (D. 2014) (166)Karen Combs
Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! The Complete Guide to Quiltmaking (Pub. 1988) (D. 2013) (167)Diana McClun and Laura Nownes
Rhapsody Quilts (Pub. 2007) (2014) (50)Ricky Tims'
Round Robin (Book 2 of the Elm Creek Quilts) (Pub. 2001) (D. 2010) (39)Jennifer Chiaverini
Runaway Quilt, The (Book 4 of the Elm Creek Quilts) (Pub. 2003) (D. 2010) (156)Jennifer Chiaverini
Scrap Explosion Quilts, Best of Fons & Porter (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2014) (10) Fons & Porter
Scrap-Basket Beauties (Pur. 2013) (Pub. 2013) (9)Kim Brackett
Scrap-Basket Surprises (Pur. 2010) (Pub. 2009) (119)Kim Brackett
Scrappy Firework Quilts (Pur. 2013) (Pub. 2012) (78)Edyta Sitar
Secrets of Digital Quilting from Camera to Quilt (Pur. 2010) (Pub. 2010) (144)Lura Schwarz Smith and Kerby C. Smith
Secrets of Elemental Quilting, The (Pub. 2006) (D. 2009) (116)Karen McTavish
Sensational Patchwork Quilting (Pur. 2008) (Pub. 2007) (62)Marilynn Wiebe
Simple Comforts 12 Cozy Lap Quilts (Pub. 2009) (D. 2013) (104)Kim Diehl
Simple Quilts that Look Like a Million Bucks (Pur. 2005) (Pub. 2004) (114)Nicole C. Chambers
Simple Silk Ribbon Embroidery by Machine (Pub. 2008) (D. 2013) (142)Susan Schrempf
Simple Stitches Quilting (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2011) (128) Lark Crafts
Simple Super One-Patch Quilts (Pub. 2013) (2015) (69)Pat Yamin
Simply Triangles (Pur. 2013) (Pub. 2012) (55)Barbara H. Cline
Singular Sensations (Pur. 2013) (Pub. 2011) (15)Barbara Douglas
Sister's Choice (Book 5 of the Shenandoah Album) (Pub. 2008) (D. 2015) (158)Emilie Richards
Slice 'Em & Dice 'Em Quilts (Pur. 2009) (Pub. 2004) (172)Nancy Brenan Daniel
Sneaky Piecing (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2012) (126)Beth Ferrier
Snippet Sensations (Pub. 1996) (D. 2008) (58)Cindy Walter
Somewhere in Time (Pub. 2002) (11)Kaye England
Spectacular Scraps A Simple Approach to Stunning Quilts (Pub. 2001) (2004) (88)Judy Hooworth and Margaret Rolfe
Spikes and Peaks (Pur. 2013) (Pub. 2012) (8)Kaye England
Stack the Deck! Crazy Quilts in 4 Easy Steps (Pub. 2002) (2004) (100)Karla Alexander
Star Struck Quilts (Pur. 2013) (Pub. 2010) (173)Barbara H. Cline
Stash-Buster Quilts (Pur. 2007) (Pub. 2006) (134)Lynne Edwards
String Fling Scrappy, Happy and Loving It! (Pur. 2013) (Pub. 2012) (132)Bonnie K. Hunter
Strip Your Stash Dynamic Quilts Made from Strips (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 2015) (169)Gudrun Erla
Successful Scrap Quilts from Simple Rectangles (Pub. 2002) (2009) (89)Judy Turner & Margaret Rolfe
Table Talk Runners, Toppers and Family Treats (Pur. 2013) (Pub. 2011) (130)Gudrun Erla
The Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns (Pub. 2009) (D. 2015) (28)Jinny Beyer
Threadplay (Pub. 1997) (D. 2009) (72)Libby Lehman
Touching Stars (Book 4 of the Shenandoah Series) (Pub. 2007) (D. 2015) (31)Emilie Richards
Vintage Tablecloth Quilts (Pur. 2014) (Pub. 2012) (17)Rose Sheifer and Liz Aneloski
Wearable Quilts (Pur. 2015) (Pub. 1993) (25)Roselyn Gadia-Smitley
Wedding Ring (Book 1 of the Shenandoah Series) (Pub. 2004) (D. 2009) (159)Emilie Richards
What I Learned From God While Quilting (Pub. 2000) (D. 2009) (42)Ruth McHaney Danner & Cristine Bolley
Why Quilts Matter (Video) (2013) (2013) LAP 2013
Wonderful 1 Fabric Curves (Pub. 2011) (D. 2011) (0)Kay Nickols
Wonderful 1 Fabric Quilts (Pub. 2007) (D. 2007) (5)Kay Nickols
Yo-Yo Quilting (Pur. 2011) (Pub. 2010) (117) House of White Birches